These four types of people are the favorite “dishes” of mosquitoes.

“What kind of people do mosquitoes love?” has always been a research topic of great interest to scientists. It has not been fully studied yet. From the proven results, the following people will make mosquitoes “a favorite”. .

Mosquitoes like people with developed sweat glands and high body temperature. The sweat contains a lot of amino acids, lactic acid and ammonia compounds. Mosquitoes are very sensitive to this. Once the smell of these substances is smelled, the appetite is widened, so people who sweat more are prone to mosquitoes. Scientists have also discovered that mosquitoes choose their favorite prey from different odors. Bacteria on the human skin exacerbate the smell of sweat, which also increases the appetite of the mosquito. Therefore, in summer, changing clothes and bathing often can reduce mosquito bites.

In addition, there is a heated body in the antennae of the mosquito. It is very sensitive to temperature. As long as there is a slight change in temperature difference, it can be immediately observed that the body of the sweating person will dissipate heat quickly and will also attract mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes like people who are tired or breathing faster. This is because people will breathe faster after exercising or physical labor. Some people have a higher lung capacity or a faster breathing rhythm, and relatively more carbon dioxide is exhaled. The carbon dioxide gas will form a moist and warm airflow about 1 meter above the head. The mosquito is sensitive to this and will smell it. Scientists have long discovered that carbon dioxide is very attractive to mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes like people who wear dark clothes. Black is the preferred target for mosquito attacks. Such as Aedes mosquito, which is commonly known as the flower mosquito, it most likes to stop on black clothes, followed by blue, red, green and other colors. Mosquitoes don’t love people who wear white clothes. In the same way, mosquitoes love people who have a darker complexion or a reddish complexion.

Mosquitoes like fat people. This is related to fat people who love sweating and breathing, and fat people usually like to wear dark clothes, which is more likely to attract mosquitoes. Generally speaking, men are more likely than women, young people than the elderly, healthy people to recruit mosquitoes than patients, because the secretion of skin surface is more.

In addition, children’s metabolism is strong, and it is also the object of mosquitoes. During the holiday period, women are more likely to recruit mosquitoes due to the increase in basal metabolism, resulting in increased body odor and exhaled carbon dioxide.